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Read This Romantic Story Of How A Yoruba Boy Ended Up Marrying His Side Chic

    Posted by on January 23, 2016,

This story will give hope to all the ‘side chics’ out there. You can take that giant leap, you just have to stay true to your self, be cool and offer value.
The journey started eight years ago; January 2008 specifically.
The harmattan season was winding off, and I was bored at home with my childhood friend, Shola. We decided to put a call across to one of our female friends – Damilola who finished from the same high school with us – to come and keep our company. We expected Damilola to come alone, but on her arrival, she was with two other friends. One of them was Tolulope.
We welcomed them; but I was a bit surprised when my father, who didn’t approve of me having female friends at that time, welcomed them warmly. He even went as far as offering them fruit juice. It was a turning point for me. So I just settled down better to have fun with my visitors.
I noticed one of the girls – Tolulope – was very reserved; she hardly said a word. I initially thought she was cold, because she was clad in a jacket. I tried to force a conversation with her, but she was coy with her response. I however made sure to exchange contacts with her when she was leaving. I did a lot of fantasizing after she left, but I never really expected anything to come out of it because I had a girlfriend at that time.
As at that time, I didn’t have enough money to call anyone and talk for long minutes, but I thank God for MTN Xtra Cool, it made it a lot easier for me to talk with my friends for long hours…at night.
I called Tolu eventually, but she didn’t pick up the first time. I thought she was still shy and didn’t want to talk to me, but I gave it a second trial and drew a huge breath of relief when I heard her voice at the other end.
Quite interestingly, we interacted that night as if we had been friends for years. We talked, laughed and joked…we even went as far as going vulgar at some point. It made me abhor the notion that she was just one of those regular cheap girls, so I decided to play along.
Three days after we met each other, we started dating. Remember that I had a girlfriend, who was the main chic. Tolu was then my side chic.
I got the shocker of my life barely after a week we started dating. Tolu told me she is a virgin.
“How can you be a virgin, with all those naughty things we talk about?” I queried her.
But she maintained her word and I saw the seriousness in her eyes. She swore to me and I had to believe. The relationship blossomed from then.
I was a 200 level student of OAU as at then, but she was about sitting for her JAMB examination. In my own little selfishness, I talked her into choosing OAU in her JAMB form. She readily agreed, and she passed her exams to gain admission into OAU. By then, I was already in 300 level.
Her coming to OAU brought us closer, and we were popular as a couple on campus. OAU students of those years will testify to how frequently I left my hostel (ETF) to Mozambique Hall every night to see her. We had a great relationship, and we also had our challenges, but love got us through.
We have been dating for eight years now, and in the next couple of days, we will both be walking down the aisle to be pronounced man and wife forever.
That is the story of how Tolulope moved from side chic to main chic, and now to my wife.
The story makes me believe in the theory of fatalism; I believe it was destined because I never had a good relationship with other girls except her, no matter how hard I tried. With her, I have had, and I am still having the best experience.
There are a few lessons here:
The fact that a girl gives in to your advances within a few days of meeting her doesn’t make her cheap. Tolu agreed to date me two days after we met, and now we are about getting married.
Secondly, you shouldn’t judge a lady by the way she talks or what she says. I have met several ladies who don’t say half of Tolu says, but none of them is better than her in terms of morality and chastity.
It’s been nice sharing this story, and I hope we have learnt a few stuff from it. Thank you very much for this opportunity.

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