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Semi-naked man high on crystal meth slices off his ears and penis

    Posted by on January 19, 2024,

Semi-naked man high on crystal meth slices off his ears and penis

A semi-naked man high on crystal meth was found running through a village in the Czech Republic after slicing off his ears and penis. 

The man was first discovered running down the street of a village near the northern city of Usti nad Labem with a swollen face by police officers who quickly called paramedics to the scene. 

When paramedics arrived, they found that the man, who was behaving ‘erratically’, had suffered much more serious injuries than a swollen face.

Noticing blood on his face, the paramedics moved the man’s hair from his face and discovered that both of his ears had been sliced off. They quickly found that his penis had also been cut off, medics said.

‘On the spot, paramedics detected the amputation of the auricle on both sides and the penis above the scrotum,’ a medical report published by the paramedics said, adding that the man became volatile and unresponsive. 

But after being administered a sedative, the man admitted to paramedics he had sliced off his own ears and genitals before adding: ‘I don’t know why I did that.’ The man said the swelling on his face was from falling on the ground. 

Medics said the man was suffering a state of toxic psychosis after they found he had a dangerous combination of crystal meth and cannabis in his blood. 

The man was rushed to a local hospital by the paramedics for further treatment.  

The rescue service from the Usti region published the anonymised medical report to warn drug users of the effects of crystal meth, which is the most abused drug in the Czech Republic. 

‘There are probably a thousand reasons not to use drugs. We are adding another to this rank,’ the rescue service wrote on Facebook.

‘Our paramedics have recent experience with an unusual injury to a patient, probably due to amphetamine toxic psychosis. We share this experience here as a warning against the use of addictive substances, in our region most often meth.’

Rescue service spokesman Prokop Volenik added: ‘In view of the really great sensitive sensitivity of the case, we will not publish more detailed information about where the event took place. Not even the district.’

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