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Stalker Stabs Lady To Death In Bed After She Posted Her New Boyfriend Online

    Posted by on January 31, 2024,

Stalker Stabs Lady To Death In Bed After She Posted Her New Boyfriend Online

Celeste Manno went Instagram official with her boyfriend. Hours later, her obsessed work stalker Luay Sako murdered her. Now his ‘red flag’ texts can be revealed – and the kind way she tried to stop him

An obsessed stalker stabbed a girl to death in her own bed hours after she went “Instagram official” with her new boyfriend.

Deranged stalker Luay Sako, 37, broke into Celeste Manno’s bedroom and stabbed her to death after he became enraged by seeing her hand-in-hand with her new boyfriend on social media, reports say.

Sako had bombarded Celeste, 23, with endless messages professing his love for her over the year before he ended her life. He sent her creepy, lewd and menacing messages via Instagram through various accounts.

When his terrified victim told Sako to stop messaging her, Sako became enraged. He wrote to her: “I really just wanted to speak with you and I honestly thought you were ignoring me. My impression of you has changed. You’re no different to the majority of women.”

Just hours after the young woman posted this picture with her new boyfriend on Instagram, Sako smashed his way into her bedroom with a hammer and stabbed Celeste 23 times with a kitchen knife.

The cause of death was a stab wound to the heart after Sako plunged the blade into Celeste’s chest. The girl also suffered defensive wounds on her forearms and arms as she tried to protect herself.

Police found a phone registered to Sako that shows he was actively monitoring Celeste via Instagram, and had a screenshot of the photo of Celeste and her boyfriend.

After Sako stabbed Celeste to death in a wild frenzy, he drove to the police station and told cops where they could find the girl’s body.

Pictured: Celeste Manno posed for these social media photos in her bedroom, where Luay Sako broke in and stabbed her to death in her own bed. Sako appeared in court today.

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