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[Story] Love Untold – The Sex & Money Kingdom (Pt 1)

[Story] Love Untold – The Sex & Money Kingdom (Pt 1)

Note: This story is non fiction, names are redacted or changed to protect the individual. Please don’t mind the typographical error. Available for free read. Do not plagiarize. Give credit to the writer.
Written By: @joeerazer

Episode 1 (Fear Women)
[Snippet: After everything I had done for you, you went behind me and slept with Praize. You told me he was just a friend, i trusted you. Amanda you have finished me.]

The imagination of getting a young woman that fits into “spec” was Ade’s thought all day. Fresh graduate from university with a remote job that pays in dollar was already in the bag for him. He understood the game in and out and already has an alias “AdeTiger” by his friends.

You see, Ade plan to settle was not because of pressure or age but his willingness to get the right thing done after his university days experience. I knew Ade very well and he was open to me when it comes to women matter. for this 9ja wey we dey, Ade has only me to confide in irrespective of how sour the story might be. We discuss business often but you see women matter ehh, na im sweet pass. Now back to the main gist.

I was bored at home and needed someone to gist with face to face or rub mind together. Ade was the only one that comes to mind. I picked up my phone, messaged him and instantly i got a reply from Ade [Boss abeg show, gist dey ground]. Immediately I drove to his side because I know that babes gist must drop from that visit. I have waited for Ade to give me his relationship gist but he was hoarding it like palliative (only Nigerians will understand the meaning). I got to his house 20 minutes after the chat and knocked. Ade opened the door and had this faint smile on his face. My Ade, my AdeTiger i queried. What is wrong? I know this is not my energetic Ade again. He just sat on the couch looking at me like a guy returning from war with PTSD. I had to call his attention again. Ade!!!! whatsup nah, wetin happen? Ade response was with a heavy voice and a heavy heart. He started with Bro!!, fear women!!. To me the word came as a shock because I know my AdeTiger will never say such. We all know he had that charm to get away with his doing and activity around pretty ladies. Anyway, I was here for gist because at that moment every latest gist about women we hear is a banger and shocker. I was never expecting a loss from AdeTiger. He was the master among all of us since the university days. I rolled my sleeve, dashed straight to the refrigerator for a cold water and Gbam I saw cold Zobo. I grabbed both and rushed back to the couch because man must not miss this gist.

I poured some for Ade and he reluctantly collected the glass cup from me. Man i had to be nice in order not to get half story. I had waited for this day for Ade to give me his gist with Amanda. I was kept in the dark all through the serious relationship stage he had with Amanda. Amanda was no go area whenever we are having conversation.

My guess was right anyway because Ade started the gist with “Bro you remember Amanda Right? I said yes as if i was not expecting to hear it and Just to keep the gist alive all my response has to be in affirmation with what Ade was saying. I need not trigger any emotion in order not to get a half baked update.

The Narration

Ade: Your remember that Amanda girl in 100 Level when we were in 400 Level at the University right

Me: yes, the fair one? pretending I did not know the exact Amanda.

Ade: Yes she is the one. You remember during school days i was dating her right?

Me: I remember you dated her. Are you guys still dating? pretending i did not know they were still dating

Ade: Bro, we were dating and things turns out to be complicated

Me: How? So you mean my own AdeTiger dated Amanda

Ade: Yes, I dated Amanda but I kept it away from you

Me: pretending as if i did not know. Anyway its fine. Hope no problem?

Ade: Problem Dey O! hmmm. Remember during our final Amanda was just a new fish in the campus. As a coded guy, I approached her with the intention of just doing the normal (“normal” slangs means using relationship format or scope to sleep with her).

Me: I knew when you were moving crazy with those new freshers especially Amanda. Freshers were always your target. You mean you did not do the normal and move on? pretending as if i did not know he never moved on

( to be continued on 5th March, 2024………. 5pm) Please stay tuned

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