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Tiwa Savage Full Sextape Leaked (+18 Video)

    Posted by on October 19, 2021,

Tiwa Savage Full Sextape Leaked (+18 Video)

Recall, Tiwa openly stated that she is a victim of blackmail. She revealed in a revealed that a blackmailer is currently in possession of footage showing her intimate moments with her lover during a recent interview with American OAP, Angie Martinez of Power 105.1.

According to her, the sex video was accidentally posted on Snapchat by her lover who deleted it immediately when he realised the error. However, it was too late. Now, someone wants to extort her.

The Genius Media Nigeria reports that the Story of Tiwa Savage Sextape has since generated a lot of controversy with many calling for her to be strong and unafraid.

Watch and download the video below…


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  1. Anonymous says:

    Omo this one na quick time nack she is dressed that means na one corner jacking

  2. Anonymous says:

    Is she the one really

  3. anonymous says:


  4. Anonymous says:

    Mhen dis one bad oooo

  5. Anonymous says:

    Na Wizkid carrots be that

  6. Anonymous says:

    So sad an so bad to see u like sis
    may God help us

  7. Fada Abraham says:

    If e no happen like this, we no go talk. But this one too much.
    Why this person mama?
    It’s really a shameful thing. This guy no try at all

  8. Anonymous says:

    She bend d pant one side self,
    Omo dis girl na true savages. She love Quickies

  9. Jaymarl says:

    Na true savage wen love quickies
    She shift pant self

  10. Person pikin says:

    Aje mad quickly

  11. effectant says:


  12. Anonymous says:

    She should have paid the money

  13. Anonymous goonz says:

    I think tiwasavage man has hand in this

  14. Sarah says:

    I’m not crucifying the sextape but having skin to skin with him means you trusted him enough but he choose to be an idiot

  15. Emenike says:

    Nawa oooh

  16. Anonymous says:

    This is serious, and is a lesson for all of us.

  17. Anonymous says:

    I pray that God will help her grow through this and that she comes out stronger from this challenge. All will be well

  18. Oyesung says:

    I like her ringtone

  19. Blade says:

    Omo this is Tiwa real life? Wtf

  20. vusi ncube says:

    I love it. Its nice I like it

  21. Anonymous says:

    I still dey laugh

  22. Anonymous says:

    She’s human, she fuck also just like you and I, we r even more worse. Soooo

    What new under the sun.
    Abeg make una live matter

  23. Tiwa says:

    Na lie joo

  24. Anonymous says:

    This is part of the sacrifices celebrities pay to be popular. Sooner than later, she’ll release a new song.

  25. Onome says:

    Nah quickie runs she go do cos if nah her boifriend as she claimed then she for remove her clothes . She’s an old fool

  26. Anonymous says:

    The video nr long self

  27. H says:

    Who carries a camera to a quicky????

  28. Anonymous says:

    This is not Tiwa Savage, God punished you people nonsense.

  29. Nobody says:

    Omo… Tiwa tight aswear

  30. Tman says:

    She is stupid

  31. Tman says:

    Before making the sex tape she should have thought of psychology effects it will have on her sob if it is leak

  32. Anonymous says:

    Direct entry, i pity the son

  33. Anonymous says:

    Abeg is dat our own very Tiwa Savage? And who owns dat gbola?

  34. Ur name says:

    this video should be removed before I hack this website down.. ma giving u 2 hours

  35. Anonymous says:

    My great Queen Tiwa Savage!…Be courageous and calm..This storm will vanish soon just as it came..Glad that you didn’t caved to the blackmailer…We all as matured and civilized folks document every aspect of our life; sexual activities inclusive…It is only the backward in mentality that would rejoice over seeing Tiwa Savage nakedness..but for sure , they wont be opportuned to tourch it even in their dreams…
    Be strong my sister!

  36. BOY OGWU says:

    My great Queen Tiwa Savage!…Be courageous and calm..This storm will vanish soon just as it came..Glad that you didn’t cave in to the blackmailer…We all as matured and civilized folks document every aspect of our life; sexual activities inclusive…It is only the backward in mentality that would rejoice over seeing Tiwa Savage nakedness..but for sure , they wont be opportuned to tourch it even in their dreams…
    Be strong my sister!

  37. Kk says:

    I pity her o, assuming she’s a foreign artist they might overlook stuff like that, but in this Nigeria where everyone wants to holier than thou, she’s gonna start loosing some of her endorsement deals, cos no right thinking company would want such celebrity to tarnish what they stand for

  38. Anonymous says:

    The lover is a suspect he need to be question

  39. Fuck me says:

    Tiwa has a great fucking pussy ummm making me hungry

  40. Anonymous says:

    God will help you oo

  41. Remy says:

    Her boyfriend set her up, why his face was not showing in the video bad mind everywhere…stay strong Savage

  42. Jusley kabu says:

    Bon, sur la vidéo je la vois seule entrain de se masturber…
    Le mal est qu’elle a eu à le partager avec quelqu’un et voilà que celui-là était un idiot… Courage ma chérie

  43. Abiscoclass fashion says:

    This is not good at all
    This is the highest height of wickedness

  44. I no get name says:

    That’s a prize she has to pay for her next level of wealth..

  45. Anonymous says:

    Med oo e shock you…. Tiwa is now a pornstar

  46. Jayboy says:

    Not really bad, at least fine nails, clean shave. Tiwa please move on and don’t kill yourself. Kim kardashian sex tape was worse. Guys making videos during sex without consent must be criminalised. She was innocent

  47. Senior says:

    Oh my goodness, this is wickedly back! But wait first ooooo! Na waiting d person want gan!

  48. But doing d tape is d problem,why d tap at the first place says:

    Why sex tape,

  49. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think that person who’s did this to her will have sex in life that is why we dei quick in this earth

  50. Emy says:

    She even shifted her pant, wah..o this one is the sweetest

  51. Anonymous says:

    This guy hung the tape device on his chest necklace…..trust me Tiwa didn’t know when this was taken

  52. Anonymous says:

    A whole celebrity

  53. Ben says:

    41 years girl. Hmmm

    Na wah oooo 4 Yoruba children. Instead of supporting Igboho, they are doing love me, love me

  54. Precious says:

    Na waoooooo…. God help and strengthen you NNE, be sure it will be over soon okay!

  55. I nor get name says:

    My queen tiwa Savage you won this bastard blackmailer is the loser.you will forever be my mentor no matter what.and you shall forever be my greatest of all time best African female artist of all times percent

  56. Anonymous says:

    Everybody is a thief, but the one that is caught red handed is the actual thief.

  57. Wiize says:

    Queen Tiwa don’t give up on stupidity of blackmailer this leak can bring down your glory stay strong baby girl

  58. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa was not smart enof. If she had denied being the one in the video, many would have believed her because the video is not explicit enof to identify her. Well that is her lot, afterall she has been exposing her nakedness here and there.

  59. Anonymous says:

    Sex is natural,i see no wrong in that,all of u do it and such of u have bunch of sex clips in your

  60. Dick looking for hookup says:

    Nah better porn be dat

  61. Anonymous says:

    Obo to nice

  62. King says:

    I like Tiwa

  63. tiwa tape watcher says:

    When is part two abeg i don finish our soap

  64. Anonymous says:

    What a shame! wait until Jamaal her son aspires to be American president and the Mama sex video come in and scatter his dreams, then she will realized the importance of being discipline in life.

  65. Face off says:

    Enter the world and make your money Bae…. You are love forever

  66. Anonymous says:

    Savage. I don’t blame you coz bitch is always a bitch

  67. Exodus GE says:

    Tiwa, please respect yourself

  68. Feezpord says:

    The man is very wicked man to do such a thing. It’s set-up
    trust nobody

  69. Anonymous says:

    I hope people will learn from this.
    Why record sex activity? Tiwa claimed they were both aware of the recorded tape and the partner posted it mistakenly. The man is a bastard, I am surprised Tiwa had to learn her lessons this way.

  70. Anonymous says:

    Dis one nah dream come true..I finally see Tiwa ToTo

  71. Beattyswit says:

    @Tiwasavage, please babe wake up, make a good analysis of the video, you were alone with a man whose face was not revealed in that video, he is not moaning like you and he accidentally posted such video? He is the very DEVIL (THE DEVIL MAN BEHIND THIS BLACKMAIL) Tiwa stay strong, be wise and be sure no more videos to upload, I love ❤️you and nothing has changed,

  72. Anonymous says:

    Ewweeeeee ‍♀️

  73. Me.. says:

    Tiwa is cheap.
    She can’t even have a proper sex?

  74. Anonymous says:

    I can’t believe my eyes, this one na quick silver oo

  75. Meme says:

    She should have use protection

  76. Anonymous says:

    Raw entering! This weak me

  77. Anonymous says:


  78. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa I love you, we stand by you.
    No body holy pass. I admire your courage and the bold step you took. You are my super hero.

    This time shall soon pass.

  79. TOTO Sweet says:

    Why dis video no even long self, abeg am wetin for season 2 (CHEAP-PROSTITUDE)

  80. Anonymous says:

    It shall be well

  81. Anonymous says:

    It’s obvious that she’s the one… But it’s not fear na Mrs tiwa

  82. Anonymous says:

    She even like it skin to skin..

  83. Anonymous says:

    The guys is very stupid but tiwa no suppose let him video it

  84. Anonymous says:

    But there is something I don’t understand who video them in the first place

  85. Bangbros says:

    Bangbros is looking for people like tiwa for contract we pay good ..

  86. Anonymous says:

    An d guy no even use condom, Tiwa so Tru u Na African bad girl

  87. Marvellous says:

    Tiwa is very bad

  88. Henry says:

    This is disgusting to say the least, pray she came out of this stronger.

  89. I no go talk says:

    Make u enjoy ur life oo
    But she for pull the pant all

  90. Senior says:

    WOW….it so amazing
    I think tiwa will fit to be porn star

  91. Stan says:

    Omo see her face.

  92. Anonymous says:

    How come this video is out and who did the video
    This is a close camera coverage which is not a cctv footage or somesort,they did the record themselves and still using it against themselves
    Such a pity

  93. Hellboi says:

    Mad people every where see dem as den dey tok any how ano be savage fan buh most of you pipu here wey dey tok here you do pass satan himself

  94. Tiwa porn watcher says:

    Very amazing
    But what’s the gain of the poster

  95. Anonymous says:

    This is unfair but though u know what u are doing

  96. Anonymous says:

    It’s not a bad things everybody have a sex so you’re good

  97. Wisdom says:

    Naija wake-up. She’s not tiwa-savage. I have the complete video. Nah one of krissjoy stupid idiots.
    Contact me for complete video.

  98. Johnson says:

    Her kpekus tight and this is what our female’s celebrities used to do behind closed door

  99. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa enjoy yourself because the body no is firewood. People wey talk no the fuck. Don’t mind anybody your fame still stands. Let them go hug transformer. Let your haters talk. I like your vibes always.

  100. Anonymous says:

    Omo this guy bad ooo

  101. Edo pikin says:

    my people make una rest jare, nor be everything wey eye see mouth dey talk.. una know how many dick done enter that her kpekus? abi una don forget so soon say doro na cheerful giver? OMO she nor stingy with the level

  102. Whocares says:

    I was even thinking about the guy that film it, how did he let it happen something fishing jare

  103. Anonymous says:

    With all these her croud followers i thought she have something good for boys not what am seeing, this is too small for her pls if there is any solution let her go for enlargement, me as nobody i can’t even appreciate this from her

  104. Anonymous says:

    If she will allow me to marry her so that all this things will just end let her DM

  105. Anonymous says:

    That’s definitely not tiwa. Tiwa has her nose pierced

  106. Anonymous says:

    The time wer dem sing this one fuvk u DAT one fuvk u she no wan caution herself later she cum drop koroba koroba she never knew DAT she go soon hang some men wicked sha..if only odas will learn from this becoz women no get shame

  107. Mix Monster says:

    Wahala be lyk problem! dis 1 shock me oo!

  108. Anonymous says:

    No condom, the only thing is ya shhhhhhh, ohhhh. Omo ale

  109. Anonymous says:

    I still don’t believe this

  110. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think she even know which of the random boys she recklessly have sex with would do this,becauseit seems it’s a regular thing she does, if not she would have taken the guy to court already.

  111. Anonymous says:

    My dream comes true ,I finally see her toto

  112. Eniola says:

    No matter what miss TIWA,you are still my mentor ….we are humans…so don’t mind…I love you joooo

  113. Marvel Fundx says:

    Tiwa nah correct babe

  114. IMOLE AKODO says:

    Cha! Tiwa please let marry you.

  115. Nimi says:

    And u guys are helping it go viral…

  116. Anonymous says:

    Sex is sweet tiwa enjoy your life don’t let anybody to bring you down

  117. Anonymous says:

    The more you look the less you see your data go just day burn

  118. Anonymous says:

    Not real

  119. Richie says:

    Latest nigerian porn star celebrity that good for her but I pity your son future

  120. The Truth says:

    I tell you it is her guy that DID THIS TO HER, that was he recorded it in the first place, because HE HIDE HIS FACE and rolled the camera to HER FACE and then down to show WHAT THEY WERE DOING so he can Upload it in a social media, with a stupide excuse of being a FOOLISH MISTAKE. TO DESTROY HER CAREER

  121. Oturubo Daniel says:

    Why is everyone acting as if it their first time of seeing two people sex
    Have u not sex before or what, are they not boyfriend and girlfriend they have the right.
    The more u think you are crucifying her you are helping her sell her market,
    So go and look for work or enjoy the video if u don’t have food at home, me still I like her na still my favorite female musician.

  122. Somuchluv says:

    How woman go allow man video her during sex… Is not normal naaa or is she drunk or what during the sex show

  123. Oya ooo says:

    Sex without condom, sickness dey oo

  124. Oya ooo says:

    I swear…. Raw sex

  125. Anonymous says:

    Omo she even shift pant madooo

  126. Bxxx says:

    Enjoy your life don’t mind them just that the video shot he so post be like30min

  127. Anonymous says:

    Who no dey fuck street, abeg make una shift, e no change anything, tiwa, no mind that stupid man, him family sex tape go full social media plus him mama…

  128. Glory says:

    9jaflaver glad to see you hatred for celebs…Do what you know how to do best in entertaining us with good music and Issues arising in the country,we aren’t interested in this shit you posted… she’s going through a lot already

  129. King joe upcoming artist says:

    Bad gal,mad tune.if were the one, nah bad doggy i go give am..babe u disgrace urself

  130. King joe upcoming artist says:

    Bad gal,mad tune.if i were the one, nah bad doggy i go give am..babe u disgrace urself

  131. familusi ezekiel says:

    Tiwa need to arreain his boy friend.

  132. Saintoñ says:

    Who recorded this video and what was the reason of recording it? Was Tiwa not aware that it was recording? Who kept the video and what was the reason of keeping it? Who released the video? Were they caught in camera, and why did the man’s face not caught like Tiwa’s?

  133. Wizkid says:

    Tiwa savage you are so amazing to me,for the last 9t in bed,I enjoy ur big dick.

  134. Scoopy says:

    The pussy is fucking tight
    Tiwa is very clean
    She can make man cum 30 seconds
    Honestly all the senators and governors
    Will still want to have taste of this pussy
    Even me too I don’t mind

  135. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa better go art porn to quench everything down cause you sabi! knack

  136. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa better go art porn and quench everything down, cause you sabi! knack

  137. Anonymous says:

    Wow the nigga was pounding her well but is too short

  138. Quavo says:

    Tiwa, na u get this ringing tone. . . .???

  139. Naomi says:

    Tiwa pls be calm and don’t over think, everything will be fine, no matter what they do or say we’ll always love you, you aren’t losing a fam like me trust me. Double love for you❣️

  140. Pius007 says:

    I Doubted this video at first until I saw the photo they took earlier at the beach. The same cloth Tiwa wore at the beach. I have the pics

  141. TIWA says:

    Omo the video on even sweet abeg may den do the returning of the sex video

  142. Gezzy says:

    She will always be the number #queentiwa

  143. Anonymous says:

    E be like say na juju be that:

  144. Douglas Douglas says:

    Fake News.

  145. Marvel fundx says:

    Who no dey fuck street, abeg make una shift, e no change anything, tiwa, no mind that stupid man, him family sex tape go full social media plus him mama…

  146. Emmy says:

    I’m not sure of this, its a setup

  147. Anonymous says:

    It’s not easy for an adult to leave alone without a spouse cus when sex urge comes no trusted one will be available.what a pity Sister Tiwa with your private part used and seen throughout the world.. Celebrities try to fix ur marriage and respect ur spouse no matter ur achievements.

  148. Favour says:

    Chai wat does she have to say to us now

  149. No name says:

    Very stupid woman… In as much as she have achieved in life, but her way of life doesn’t speak good about her and the family at Large, why on Earth will an old woman like her agree for a guy to record that sh**t. Knowing fully that she is a celebrity.. to me, I think that thing wasn’t a mistake, the guy post that vid on purpose

  150. no name says:

    Is she drunk or she just trust him and went ahead to do it with him skin to skin, but the Man no try at all he betrayed

  151. Anonymous says:

    Fuck up

  152. Anonymous says:

    We all know thats what the do but this one wey don leaked so… mheeen e choke

  153. Anonymous says:

    Men don masturbate with this video

  154. Steven O. Johnson says:

    This is so sad.My respect and admiration for Tiwa Savage has parted ways with me…

  155. Izaack says:

    My lovely sister be courageous

  156. Izaack says:

    Na so,i have lost my respect and my admiration for you sister Savage

  157. Izaack says:

    Sister don’t mind ‘m, IS your own business

  158. Izaack says:

    Sister don’t mind ‘m, IS your own business,wake up Afrika,they are killing my sister Savage

  159. Obeka Emmanuel Paul says:

    Hmmm what a shame, tiwa savage of all people

  160. APOGEE says:

    Real friends: be strong TiwA
    Friendnimies : be strong TiwA.

  161. Anonymous says:

    Hmm life

  162. PAPA TIWA says:





  163. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa savage na big animal in human form.

  164. Action says:

    How those they get the video

    Why you and your boyfriend was the only person in the room

  165. Anonymous says:

    What annoy me is that she still de play with her clit

  166. King OTY wai says:

    Are we better than her?

  167. Jeffery David says:

    2 much talk everywhere, fame news everywhere, in a see tiwa on sex una no still believe in a eyes, ok e go better 4 9ja I pray 1 day

  168. Anonymous says:

    Fake news every where.. Make una allow tiwa to rest oooo bcux she did nothing.

  169. Anonymous says:

    Please people should allow Tiwa Savage to have peace of mind, is she no longer human with feelings or is blood no longer running in her body like every other human does again?. Everybody is a victim of sex, stop criticizing her. That her own is review and your own hided doesn’t make you more righteous than her. No human have the right, except God. So everybody should mind their business. Despite the trending video, I love her the most

  170. Engr Onos says:

    Please people should allow Tiwa Savage to have peace of mind, is she no longer human with feelings or is blood no longer running in her body like every other human does again?. Everybody is a victim of sex, stop criticizing her. That her own was reviewed and your own hided doesn’t make you more righteous than her. No human have the right, except God. So everybody should mind their business. Despite the trending video, I love her the most

  171. Hmm says:

    It is well

  172. Anonymous says:

    Hmm it is well

  173. Anonymous says:

    The guy
    knows everything. He just want to blackmail her

  174. Mumu man says:

    Tiwa Savage mi go died for you Ooo
    Let’s do dey part 2, I dey beg
    Your pussy dey, it seems like you dey sweet passed honey.

  175. Ceekin Savage says:

    Game changer…. We move!!!

  176. Anonymous says:

    Hmmmmmmm dissapointed in u

  177. Yq says:

    Chai! The hole no be here oo.. despite the big cock were the guy Carry ..see as e the enter wotoporious like say na banana…

  178. Udeh ifeanyi says:

    Tiwa notn last for ever be strong

  179. OBSERVER says:

    And if you tell me make I bend low….bend low (2ce).

    I no go waste time to do like so….

    Una don see say, she was really singing from her heart.

    Forget matter…

  180. Naomi says:

    Hmmm it is well o

  181. Anonymous says:

    The carrot even small self, so celebrities too dey do careless sex without condom. Na wah oooh.

  182. Ask me again says:

    This stuff looks like it’s from an eyeglass, the person who had the sex is the one blackmailing. So celebrity too do careless sex without condom. The level of wetness no be here. Make una enjoy. With all the money una no fit go bed. Na standing innovation. She knows who did this or they did it to get attention and she has gotten one. It’s now federal p***ssy.

  183. Askmeagain says:

    This stuff looks like it’s from an eyeglass, the person who had the sex is the one blackmailing. So celebrity too do careless sex without condom. The level of wetness no be here, na dis small carrot una dey use disturb my ear? Make una enjoy. With all the money una no fit go bed. Na standing innovation. She knows who did this or they did it to get attention and she has gotten one. It’s now federal p***ssy.

  184. Anonymous says:

    Be strong nobody is perfect

  185. Irish says:

    Forget her matter joo….na everybody get there wahala., It’s just because she’s celebrity that’s why u dey reason her matter like this

  186. Anonymous says:

    We dey do but dis one don touch line
    Tiwa Wehdone oo

  187. Daniel Felix says:

    Why Dem no show finish

  188. Thompson katherine says:

    The person that leaked that video want to tell me that he or she haven’t had sex before or he/she is till a virgin because I don’t understand how stupid and wicked that person could be. Alest she is having fun let her have fun with her life, if she like she should start doing porn it nobody business because she is living her life the way she want. when the time is right she will give a story to tell.

  189. Omoejukumoni Odunayo Jeff says:

    The boyfriend should be questioned about this. She trusted you but you betrayed the trust.

  190. Godwin says:

    This is betrayal…. Who amongst you critics doesn’t have illegal sex?
    I pity the poor lady though,she trusted him.

  191. Engineer BoBo says:

    Tiwa be courageous do not let this video distract you but this guy you did this sex with, should be arrested because he had hand in this because him is not showing his face

  192. udousoropatrick@gmail.com says:

    This is a big mistake from my friend, but know problem, carry on ur plans and life goes on dear, everyone lives with sex so is not a new thing.

  193. Anonymous says:

    I’m already horny after watching Tiwa moaning & enjoying a good fuck

  194. Anonymous says:

    Shut up your mouth here, he/she is your family members?
    Since you’ve been saying your own here, what do you gain, you’er all a fool

  195. Lol says:

    Just stop saying shit for here, she’s not your family, and she can’t offer you anything, common keep comment, start comment in the morning till night time here, you no get work lol

  196. Anonymous says:

    Omo u collect am well ooo

  197. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa noz wot she is doing. She made millions from this sex tape. She posted it herself

  198. Smart says:

    Touching honestly

  199. Anonymous says:

    Madam Missionary
    Weldone Ma’am

  200. Fàskïd says:

    Sad mode oooo
    Tiwa no really know about this video, de guy set her up with this video
    See as de camera de move exactly as guy putting exactly de is moving
    We still love tiwa Savage

  201. Anonymous says:


  202. Anonymous says:

    This life nahwah oo

  203. Cyprian says:

    I will not say anything until I see the video

  204. Anonymous says:

    Buh she love the stuff oO if not why den dey video her? Na she want make we see am joor.

  205. Anonymous says:

    I think Tiwa Savage wanna be doing porn videos

  206. Anonymous says:

    Chai I can’t even watch till the end it really touching

  207. Anonymous says:

    Aunty mi, Omo that ur boyfriend follow for who they blackmail u and the video self, u look like who they drug

  208. Anonymous says:

    This is fake and I can prove it as it is and reveal the truth.

  209. Theodore says:

    Tiwa please I will like to do the same, let’s knack wether secretly or openly I want to enter you, u didn’t moan well with him, but make a trial let’s nack

  210. Julius pelumi Gabriel says:

    All of you encouraging her your re all stupid. You have issue with medulla oblongata. Why are you encouraging her. Note social media will never forget. It really tarnish her image, son and her family. Is very bad ooooooooooooo.

  211. No name says:

    I noticed one thing from this clip.
    And that is.
    All the people commenting here don’t know how to speak English.

  212. Anonymous says:

    Nothing will ever the kind of love I have for you savage.. You’re still my no 1 no matter what happens..I love you and will always stand by you…

  213. Anonymous says:

    no be TIWA SAVAGE pussy be this i beg, blackmailing

  214. Anonymous says:

    this is not TIWA SAVAGE pussy

  215. Mighty says:

    Tiwa it happen sometime In life, stay strong my ebony Queen

  216. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm I they come first

  217. Anonymous says:


  218. Anonymous says:

    So sorry dear, this will go far and last forever

  219. Mr. Hoohaa says:

    Look at where your love for flesh has landed you. Accept Jesus and be cool as a cucumber.

  220. Anonymous says:

    I don’t think is tiwa. Because Tiwa has her nose pierced and more beautiful than this person

  221. Anonymous says:

    Mad oooo

  222. Anonymous says:

    Watching this video wants to turn me on shaaa the video is very short but this is absolutely bad seeing this even hearing the ring tone I think she is speaking in Spanish
    Who leaked the video out is very bad but am sure Savage enjoy the moment

  223. Anonymous says:

    This unbelievable

  224. Felix says:

    My sister you don’t have to worry
    You are not the first celebrity that this happen to take care of your self i no it will hot you but life is very very important think about your only boy witch si your priorities

  225. Anonymous says:

    Las Las she no give the scamer money now now this too shall pass but the person that did this except there is no go if not ur own go worst pass u too people go video post for jungle as well idiot nonchallency everywhere in Nigeria mitch.

  226. Anonymous says:

    Is that how short the video is?
    She get nice pussy though and d dick straight.

  227. Anonymous says:

    This is too hard to believe
    A whole Nigerian celeb

  228. Henry says:

    She is a good useless woman,she has been paid for a brief blue film she acted.shame on u

  229. Anonymous says:

    Even deo life is civilized

  230. Ibrahim says:

    Even doe life is civilized that what she did

  231. Anonymous says:

    Sister tiwa go Dey do porn star live music for people wey get career

  232. Mayor says:

    Live music for those who get career and turn yourself to pornstar sister tiwa

  233. Anonymous says:

    Is like you’re the one on that Video

  234. Slimdaddie says:

    Tiwa Savage u done routine

  235. Anonymous says:

    What is new? Is it that people are surprised that it is her 1st time or what. Why didn’t the video show her partners face? What business dose anybody have with peoples privacy. This should be condemned why didn’t the person go for those women on the streets begging for sex. The sender can’t even get popular because he or she can’t send his identity he can’t be proud of his act. This is wrong it can be you. Let us condemn this and discourage people sending things like this.

  236. Anonymous says:

    Well is not a new tin dat tiwa was caught in dis porn starrin well is fine dont worry ok somebody’s son go find & love u after dis u hear & then release another song featurin kim, nikki minaj or snoop doggy tellin us dat u’v been found by somebody’s son coz u been lose when Tee blizs leave u tnk u

  237. Anonymous says:

    nawa oo

  238. 09033772190 says:

    What is the guy problem tiwa, and so what if it happend that way don,t main him let they hole world keep on saying it the lord is with you thanks

  239. Anonymous says:

    Is a lie

  240. Anonymous says:

    Your peku
    s big oooo

  241. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa savage knows what she is doing. She must have received a huge amount of money enough to cover all her endorsement deals if she finally loose them from one of the porn site who is ready to pay any celebrity any amount for. She hipped the video b4 they finally released it. The video is from her pussy to her face.

    The questions now is who is that camera man videoing them??? The guy is not the one videoing and definitely is not tiwa savage that is videoing.

    Well that’s just my little observations from the video.

  242. Anonymous says:

    Hmm imaging ….. You call yourself celebrity….. Celebrity in casual

  243. Mr. Tee. says:

    Yes, the did as been done. Know man is perfect. Yes, it’s his shameful as a role model. But we should not forget that know man can cast the first stone without a crack on his glass, as long as we are flesh and blood.(humans)
    Cuts are bound to happen on our flesh.
    As we live everyday, we Correct every mistake of our lives both young and old. The life is full of man made substance that can defile a man in one second in any form. The world is Mysterious. The answer, It’s only God.!

  244. Anonymous says:

    na wowooo tiwa

  245. Light says:

    No condom… Na wa o

  246. Anonymous says:

    I need full sextape video

  247. Daniel says:

    Mad oo

  248. Anonymous says:


  249. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa please move on your life, don’t reason the negative thoughts of world people, everyone has thier hidden doings and ugly stories kept outside, just that you woul have not mingle yourself with the monster bat called your boy friend, a betrayer, he will face the wrath of God for his stupidity

  250. Susso says:

    Tiwa you are a nice prostitude I enjoy this one.. plz can you upload the full video this one naa very short

  251. Anonymous says:

    Tiwasage can we marry? You need man who understand you to hold your hands. In spite of all this you’re facings your courage still very strong enough. Am single, am 35 years of age with no child anywhere, I am a yoruba, am working, I like your kind of person, please I want to marry you if possible before the end of November 2021 you may want to invite me 08030513369, experience makes a best teacher

  252. munye says:

    Hmmmm! this is normal, but not in the appropriate way. as an adult and a mother it shouldn’t be seen of her in this manner, however, she should just ignore the noise and focus on her goals in life. I wouldn’t mind marrying her even in this present situation she is going through. she is still worth who she is in my sight. she just need to be more cautious next time.

  253. Anonymous says:


  254. Anonymous says:

    Hmm holy God knows

  255. Anonymous says:

    Fresh vibes I love it

  256. Anonymous says:

    Pussy is not anything

  257. Sunnizy says:

    It has been a bad day for people like tiwa to be cote in soch bad at

  258. Anonymous says:

    Fuck that shit

  259. Sunshine says:

    I for like see her anus

  260. Anonymous says:

    The guy that leak this video is an ideot, an animal, how could you do that

  261. Godwin says:

    She really enjoying the fuck

  262. Anonymous says:

    Opor pa

  263. Anonymous says:

    Where da full video da na that one nor long self

  264. Anonymous says:

    No be sex make am give birth to a boy. Abi who no do sex before.
    Sex na new thing? All these useless pity pity comments dey vex me die. Tiwa nothing do you jare, don’t mind the blackmailer, they will remain backward, you go be forward ever. Much love for you Tiwa

  265. Kelvin says:

    No matter what I still love her

  266. Anonymous says:

    Tiwasavage why dis rubbish?

  267. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa, do you know that the whole world had seen your nakedness? Tiwa your respect is gone. Tiwa I saw your vagina, a whole Nigerian celebrity. Tiwa it’s absolutely unbearable

  268. Hhhhhhhhm says:

    God pls have mercy on We

  269. Equality-Bado says:

    Tiwa savage as disgrace artice

  270. Hood says:

    I can’t believe this

  271. Anonymous says:

    Having sex not bad but doing it publicly is unacceptable for an African lady, Nigerian precisely. How does she expect her child to grow with this kind of unforgettable stigma of her mom

  272. Anonymous says:

    I like d style, tiwa come give me; ok

  273. Anonymous says:

    Mistake as no master

  274. For de money says:

    Fake ppl free tiwa nd allowe her to leave her lyf

  275. Anonymous says:

    While I really like the pussy oo

  276. Anonymous says:

    It is really bad for a celebrity to scander like that. I feel the shame and pain you are going through, but that give me more courage to continue to loving you. I wish we will connect to each other, I will be glad. Stop judging her some of us has done more then that .

  277. Fetty says:

    Tiwa pussy is sweet and good taste.

  278. Toba says:

    is on fear,why you and your boyfriend are doing sex video and you’re recording your self

  279. Edo Antripan says:

    This thing called fame is not easy at all

  280. Baker says:

    No be Tiwa be dis Na … Dey just wanna bkmall her no joor

  281. dino says:

    omo dis one mad ooo

  282. My name says:

    Excuse me, I’m having a different opinion to what you guys are seeing here , if a man actually wanted to blackmail a woman, I mean if a man is the one doing the video he would have shown more of her body. Come to think of it where is a second-hand where is tiwa Savage second hand? I’m seeing it that it was tiwa Savage who actually recorded the video … And that’s why the full footage could not be gotten …Had it been it was a man who recorded it we could have seen more and more of tiwa savage body. Let the detectives come into this situation now and look at it critically, the way the video came, it’s from the left side… check it very well the video came from the left side… from the downside of it. to her upper side. so she was the who actually did the recordings… she wanted to see herself doing the do… she actually wanted to see herself …she might not be the one who did the sending… but she was the one who did the recording.

  283. nill says:

    na wow ohh una no try ohh

  284. nill says:

    una no try ohh

  285. Anonymous says:

    She Actually Recorded the video her self but mistakenly posted it online as she claims . What was she in the first place doing with her phone while having sex. she posted it by error as she claim. But to me never underestimate where this ladies goes to, for fame power and wealth so they can do anything because it’s their path of life to be slave to money but it’s not to late to repent . God help her! Give her my number when u see her

  286. Anonymous says:

    I am timothy kanyi tiwa my love is ok some times that is how thnigs are,are

  287. IB says:

    Somebody Son Don Eventually Jamm Tiwa Today. As I like you reach, Na so I wan take dislike you with this one wey I don see so

  288. Anonymous says:


  289. Collins says:

    Who ever that post dis video suppose to b stone to death

  290. Anonymous says:

    Make una forgive am

  291. Anonymous says:

    How would you say so?
    Is better for that mumu lady call tiwa

  292. RaymondGrace says:

    we should not judge Tiwa,everybody is bond to mistake,but the ability for you to realise your mistakes and comes out of it is what matters..is only God that helps some of us that ‘s critizing Tiwa right now….my dear Tiwa fear not

  293. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa is not a baby so why all this mocking moment,everybody is bond to mistake but the ability to realise your mistakes and come out of it is what really matters… My dear Tiwa fear not

  294. mangala says:

    No b small tin

  295. Ejeh says:

    Na normal thing

  296. Anonymous says:

    You fuck up big time. You na fuck up banny. You wey people dey look up to you na u them scatter balance your kpekus wheel barrow style? How your parents and friends including your child go feel including us your fans? Jonsing banny

  297. Mr strong dick says:

    You fuck up big time. You na fuck up banny. You wey people dey look up to you na u them scatter balance your kpekus wheel barrow style? How your parents and friends including your child go feel including us your fans? Jonsing banny

  298. Precious says:

    I think all tiwa needs is JESUS CHRIST

  299. Anonymous says:

    The lord is your strength.From today you shall fall no more.But next time ,watch your back.Sone men may have money but not expose.

  300. Samsexy says:

    Inside life nothing is new
    focus on ur own lifestyle
    She is busy enjoying her self
    U are here crying for her.

  301. Anonymous says:

    Sorry my dear

  302. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa savage pussy is the most dirtiest i have ever seen, Still people are going for it

  303. Anonymous says:

    Oboi she be bahd gal, shifting of pants is allowed, if celebrity fit do like this

  304. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa Savage is pregnant now ooo

  305. Anonymous says:

    Nothing wrong about it because she’s a celeb that’s why people talking about it Yeah the mistake have being made actually everyone doe’s mistakes sometimes you don’t need to say bad about that because emotions of love is some how crazy sometimes and she’s a lady that not easy for her even some of us saying bad about her we all did samethin sometimes even in the car we did and other pleases know one is100% perfect so allow her too enjoyed her feeling’s please and stop sardonic act her

  306. Anonymous says:


  307. na so says:

    who no dey fuck make e make comment, there’s nothing wrong with this

  308. Anonymous says:

    that is the reason why God distroy sodom an gomorha

  309. Na mam says:

    Tiwa u knowhow to pay the price for your next level

  310. Sunny b says:

    De guy wey exposed tiwa savage na mumu he be because wetin dey do sweet two of them

  311. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa is a fool… Even if she want to have sex most it b on d road. Or car. She no get house. Nah so she go dey 4 our hand. Nah wa ooo

  312. Tricia says:

    It’s not bad to have sex with ur partner. The only thing is that she has a son

  313. no name says:

    to get money no dey easy abi, is a assignment she must perform or she will go down. but very hard. abeg savage chop life

  314. Stud says:

    Some of you that is here do more than that don’t hide your character so leave miss savage make she chop life go

    Most guys here if tiwa tell you to come to con fuck and you go chop 10m you know go do am?

  315. John fredson says:

    Our mumu now is too much

  316. Anonymous says:


  317. Phylipz says:

    There’s nothing that has never happened before so be yourself Tiwa

  318. Anonymous says:

    Nice video please I need full of this

  319. Moto says:

    Don’t blame her … idoit boyfriend must have planned to take money from her then make her high on drugs then recorded it

  320. Anonymous says:

    I love it. Please send full video I will pay

  321. Jãçkspørt says:

    Yap not your fault is by mistake and you are better those who are hiding there selves.

  322. Anonymous says:

    Somebody son go find me one( de son don find-am

  323. Anonymous says:

    Wahala every where

  324. Anonymous says:

    Kai but this idiot no try for this girl ohh, I love tiwa even at this level of shameful at. May God have mercy on u dear. I love love u.

  325. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa savage had get lost

  326. Anonymous says:


  327. Anonymous says:

    tiwa is a real bitch FUCK YOU SLOT ASHEWO

  328. Yusurichie says:

    Na this kind woman be distributors of HIV and aids, see na skin to skin no condom yet they call themselves big girls,

  329. Mr.branky says:

    Wow Yon terrific to dekko baby savage, in my own I will said that is bad but not too bad because Yon comes sudden and emotion comes anytime he want even sometimes we normal do that but this too show’s in eye’s of people because is celebrity but don’t mind is normal feeling babe never you think much about that and two never you allowed such mistake happened again princess Tiwasavage love you feel better thankz

  330. Anonymous says:

    Mama enjoyed yourself look

  331. Ben nero says:

    When we go Wise instead it una to watch and enjoy una self una the make useless comment here what of Angelina joli make una Cam down make God us una.aploco people na only men the comment.

  332. itzmaxwell says:

    i no be saint, but this matter make me faint.

  333. Anonymous says:

    Highest level of irresponsibility

  334. Anonymous says:

    Time no va reach wen Dem go remover this video online?

  335. Anonymous says:

    I like that

  336. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa mama enjoy ur self no bi too dy this cain of thing dy happen.. but dis idot way link the video no even get preg,.. tiwa mama if you need big cucumber I get ham ..much love from you

  337. Unknown government says:

    Tiwa mama enjoy ur self no bi too dy this cain of thing dy happen.. but dis idot way link the video no even get preg,.. tiwa mama if you need big cucumber I get ham ..much love from you

  338. Anonymous says:

    That is good keep it up

  339. Anonymous says:

    Tell her say I love her, I no mind, make we maryself.

  340. Anonymous says:

    How does it started? Who covered the video? Was she not aware of it at first? Well. I love her and everything about her more.

  341. Anonymous says:

    Sex is a normal thing to do

  342. Anonymous says:

    Our private moments aren’t for the public. It’s mentally discomforting to see ones private moments in the public. Believe me, it’s nothing save loved ones and family.

  343. Dicson says:

    Why is she screaming??

  344. Bayo Ogunbanwo says:

    Most people criticizing Tiwa do really enjoy watching the video because there is no one without a secret sex escapade, only hers came into the public space by accident

  345. Anonymous says:

    Plan deal,application for pornography industry

  346. Anonymous says:

    Please delete this video, It’s not proper leaving this video here

  347. Chelsea says:

    Please if there is any way to add to the video pls do the video is just too short

  348. Anonymous says:

    She is mother fucker

  349. Anonymous says:

    What was her Reason that makes her send her,sex video to her boyfriend.

  350. Anonymous says:

    I pray on ur behave so that the Lord will forgive u, always remember there is God.

  351. Anonymous says:

    Tiwa savage the pornstar of our time

  352. Anonymous says:

    How did it happened anyways it come atimes

  353. Anonymous says:

    The truth s that ‘ she tiwa savage love ❤ to also shoot her porn….watch out for the next video

  354. OG says:

    This why Yemi is more matured than you old asshole…

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