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Twitter User Explains How Alpha Beta Helps Lagos Improve Revenue Generation

Twitter User Explains How Alpha Beta Helps Lagos Improve Revenue Generation

They combine the work Remitta does for the federal government and, the work Interswitch did for FIRS by providing an online tax management solution in the form of Taxpromax.

Before ABC came, MDAs had their own bank accounts that were also monitored by the state treasury office (STO), they collected revenue independently & reported them to the state government periodically.

This was difficult to track in real time cos even after payments were made, there was usually a long process of reconciliation to properly determine what was revenue to the state or administrative revenue to MDAs.

That system also allowed a lot of corruption cos even after paying to banks, MDAs were responsible for issuing revenue receipts. This is without factoring the MDAs that were even collecting cash.

ABC created a system where citizens could use a unique ID to pay state revenues and, all revenues paid could be accounted for,organized & reported in real time.
This stopped the payment of state revenue into MDA accounts, everything went directly into the state treasury account.

In addition to this, the system automatically generates a treasury receipt as you pay at the bank, this stopped the issuance of treasury receipts by MDAs and, only Banks could issue these receipts once payments were made

The System made it possible for MDAs to verify payment claims by citizens, it also made it possible for citizens to verify their payments and easily get a statement of their payment history without stress..

It allowed LIRS & other MDAs build proper database of revenue paying citizens & organizations in the state, this was good for planning and also allowed the state to know where it was lacking in terms of revenue drive.

In recent years, ABC’s services have gone beyond creating a platform for reporting & aggregating state revenue, they also created a digital tax administration solution known as the Etax platform for LIRS.

This platform was introduced fully in 2019, it leverages on an open standard platform which enables enterprise wide data, greater transparency and increased taxpayer self-services.

Taxpayers can file returns, get assessed, object assessments and forward necessary documents for reconciliation without leaving their homes/offices. it was very helpful during the covid lockdown,reason Tax Revenue went up from 349bn in 2019 to 356bn in 2020 despite Covid

Besides the fact that ABC has provided some of these services to Lagos, they have provided some of these services to other Nigerian states at one point or another, including but not limited to Bayelsa & Plateau..

They’ve also provided some of these services to some regional governments across Africa..
Today,many states have engaged companies that provide similar solutions,Kaduna, Delta & FCTIRS use theirs.
FIRS has TAXPROMAX provided by interswitch and, FG has Remitta like I said earlier

As erroneously believed, ABC does not collect taxes for LIRS or any MDA, they just provide the technology and platform that allows MDAs work effectively.

@MustaphaNdajiwo has corrected me on this, the Taxpromax solution was developed by FIRS but, they only partnered with payment solutions companies like interswitch.
Thank you

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