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Why You Shouldn’t Wait Till You’re Sick To See The Doctor

Most people tend to come down with an illness before they ever get to see a doctor. Seeing the doctor should instead be a conscious routine activity if you want to lead a healthy life. These are the reasons…

1. Your Doctor is The Best Source of Medical Advice
The health tips we share online, especially on platforms like this are really helpful and we get many good reports of how people used them to their advantage. However, relying chiefly on the internet for information related to your health could be detrimental, as there is much false information on the internet as much as there are good ones. Be on the safe side. Always confirm from your doctor!

Another concern that could arise from relying majorly on the internet for medical advice is this: Research has shown that even though the internet can be a wonderful health resource, “simply reading about your health issues online can often lead to unnecessary worry and fear” — which often results in loss of sleep for many, eventually (see reason number 6!). Remember that you (and every other patient) are unique and deserve a personalized evaluation. So stop losing your sleep over your many health questions. Instead of surfing the web for a generic, or even worse, incorrect answer, talk to a doctor in person to get the full picture.

2. Assess Your Risk Level or Exposure to Certain Diseases…
Does your family have a history of diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, cancer, or another peculiar condition? If so, you may be at risk for these conditions, too — but good enough, there are likely things you can do to lower that risk! A doctor can help you find out and work with you to determine which screening tests you need, and also plan your health and lifestyle in a way that is preventive of such health conditions that you are vulnerable to.

– Keeping Your Body In Constant Check
Many patients who haven’t seen a doctor in years are shocked when they step on the scale and learn that they have gained 20-plus pounds since they were last weighed. Also, have you ever tried hard to fit into your clothes to no avail? You probably never even realized that you’ve been adding weight. And even if you still fit into your skinny jeans, there are other health markers, like heart rate and blood pressure, that should be monitored over time. By monitoring basic vital signs, a routine doctor’s visit can be like a system of checks and balances for your body.

3. FOR WOMEN, You might need to see the doctor even more:

– To Make Sure Your Cervix is Healthy
Annual pelvic exams are a critical part of any woman’s preventative health care. They can help detect vaginal infections, including sexually transmitted diseases (which may not present with any symptoms), and may often include a PAP smear for cervical cancer screening. It is advised that women between the ages of 21 to 65 get a Papanicolaou test (a.k.a. PAP smear) at least every three years, or even more frequently for those who have had abnormal results.

– Because You Might Want a Baby
Even if you aren’t planning a pregnancy at the moment, you shouldn’t ignore your fertility and reproductive health, because you might want a baby in the future. While there are many factors that contribute to fertility; ranging from age to habits, there is this one factor that might not have crossed your mind but affects your fertility: “your waistline”. It has long been recognized that women with an abnormal body mass index (BMI) have higher rates of infertility. Many recent studies have shown that the eggs of women with an unhealthy BMI (below 20 or above 30) are linked to abnormalities that make them impossible to fertilize, leading to a difficult time getting and staying pregnant. Achieving your ideal BMI takes time, so it’s important to start this conversation with your doctor months (or even years) before you start thinking about pregnancy.

– Keeping Your Mind in Check
Did you know that being a female is an independent risk factor for depression — and that women are more than twice as likely than men to struggle with depression over the course of their lifetime? What’s more? …We aren’t always great at noticing the symptoms ourselves. But a having a routine mental health screening by your physician can help identify warning signs — before they go from bad to worse.

4. Finding it Hard to Sleep at Night?
While you may think that a poor night’s sleep just means you’ll need an extra cup of coffee in the morning, sleeplessness at night is actually becoming a much more serious concern in the world today than it appears to be, especially for those who do not handle it properly. Chronic sleep disorders can actually increase the long-term risk of hypertension, depression, and diabetes. A doctor’s visit can help identify possible underlying causes for your restless nights — and get you the help you actually need.

– Knowledge of Your Good Health Status Gives Peace of Mind
Many would argue that they don’t need to go to the hospital — as they believe that they are fine but studies have shown that confirming and ascertaining with your doctor that you’re actually fine would make you better not just physically but mentally and psychologically. This will surely help you sleep well too.

5. Prevention, Prevention, Prevention!!!
Does it seem like a repetition? Well, the need for prevention cannot be over-emphasized. Health protection and prevention is the key to staying healthy for the long haul. From simple blood tests and vaccines now to mammograms and colonoscopies later, your doctor can help you become the healthiest version of you. Although it may seem like a hassle now, one hour in a doctor’s office now can add years of health to your life.

6. To Establish a Good Relationship With Your Doctor
If you never see a doctor, you can’t ever have a relationship with one. On the other hand, having a regular physician means having someone who knows the intricacies of your medical history and who will work with you to shape your healthy present and future. And yes, we know that you might have had a negative experience with certain doctors in the past and now avoid going to them (or even worse,the institutions of health they serve) at all costs for that singular reason— not minding if your health suffer for your limited knowledge of the symptoms you treat each time. But while not every doctor is going to be the right one for you, you owe it to yourself to keep looking until you find a practitioner that you like and trust.

Truly, a good patient-physician relationship is one of the most unique human experiences we can have — and it is undeniably integral to our health. So, what are you waiting for? Find a doctor you like, and stick with her (or him). And for those who already have one, make your appointments with him/her a routine activity.

Go and see your doctor today!

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