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Worst type of roommates you can have in college

In college there are different people. Everyone is unique in his or her own way. College exposes you to a wide range of human personalities. Some are annoying and unbearable, some are weird and creepy, some are disgusting while there those other’s that are dangerous and life threatening.
College hostels can be fun or sometimes depressing and this is as a result of the type of roommates you are staying with. Today I’ll be running through the top ten worst type of roommates you can possible get in a college hostel. I’m sure you guys would be able to relate.
That roommate who always brags
There is always that one person in your room that brags. There are some that brag based on things they actually have and those who brag on lies. The liars are the annoying ones. They tell you how much they have, how they don’t eat certain dishes because of how cheap it is, how they hate the room condition because of how luxurious their homes are. They make everyone else in the room feel low and inferior. They are very annoying and unbearable especially when these bragging gets relentless.
That self-righteous roommate
This is that roommate that makes you look very unholy. They are usually very religious and spiritually inclined. They remind you of how legit your ticket to hell is and how hot your section in the flame will be. They frown on most of your conversations and make disgusting faces when you’re talking about the opposite sex, sex, parties, relationships and other things they deem unfit for the spirit. They can be reserved and keep their disgust to them selves although you would see hints of their discomfort in their actions like hissing, leaving the room when your naughty friends come to visit or at times just voice out mildly. There are the others who don’t keep it in and this brings us to the next category of roommates.
That roommate who forces religion on you
This are also self righteous people but unlike the other category that keep it to themselves, this one’s try to correct you in the most uncomfortable way. They always tell you how wrong your choice of clothing is and the consequences of exposing your body to boys, or try to force you to attend their religious meetings relentlessly, or tell you the similarities between your love affair and fornication. They take out all the fun in your adventures by reminding you of the consequences and risks there by killing your vibe. They tell you not to go to that party because something could happen to you or because your letting your parents down. They tell you not to try out certain new cool things because of how close the end time is and so on. To cut the long story short, they literally kill your vibe.
That roommate who always uses your stuff
They are so annoying. In boys hostel there is a certain level of tolerance for sharing. Some boys share clothes and footwear but in female hostels privacy is a priority. Girls love their space and don’t love others using their things. There’s that roommate that wears your shoes out to a party or to class without asking, uses your perfume, or even takes out of your provision and food without permission. They are quite annoying and you may not be able to rip them apart because they have a sweet mouth and always apologize even though they end up doing the same thing over again.
That roommate that begs a lot
This is common with food. You don’t want to eat in their presence because they would always ask for some. It’s not that they lack but they just have the habit of asking and asking again. You don’t want to bring your lunch or dinner to the room because he or she would definitely shorten your ration. They always want a piece of whatever you’re having and their persistence won’t let you turn them down. So you just have to avoid them as much as you can.
That roommate that’s a chameleon
These are those ones that don’t have a particular side. They are inconsistent with the sides they pick when there is an argument or when there’s a fight in the room. They take your side when you’re present and when you turn your back they support your opponent. They don’t want to be on any side because they don’t want to have a problem with any member of the room. They don’t backbite or backstab directly but they are always neutral and that alone is frustrating.
That roommate that’s a bully
There’s that roommate that always results to violence or threats when dealing with other members of the room. They are quick to anger and aren’t very rational in their decisions because they are stronger than other members and if things aren’t going in their favor they would take to violence. They don’t let you make your point even if they are wrong because they capitalize on the fact that they can beat you up. So they get away with a lot of nonsense and terrorise members of the room making it very uncomfortable for everyone.
That roommate with bad habits
There are those who have very disgusting habits. Some of this habits are conscious like smoking, bad eating habits, and stealing while others are unconscious like Snoring, bedwetting and sleep walking. They main focus here is those who snore, those with bad sleeping habits. Some people snore so loud you would think you have a generator in the room. And the snoring is usually very load and consistent. They disturb your sleep at night and you may wanna get ear plugs to pass the night.
That roommate that is dirty
Some people are naturally dirty and they bring this attitude into the hostels. They are on the top ten list of worst type of roommates because they make life unbearable. Those students that pile up dirty laundry till it starts smelling like a dump site, leave dirty dishes for weeks without washing and throw their clothes around and everywhere. They make living with them really irritating. Like I said earlier, boys are more tolerant of certain things than girls. In a girl’s hostel untidiness is frowned upon. Although there are some female hostels with rooms that look like dump sites.
That roommate who is a devil
Of all the categories mentioned here, this particular category is the worst. There are those people in the room who love causing trouble, not for themselves but among other members of the room. They are very mischievous and cunning. Backbiting, lying, framing and blackmailing. When there is a minor issue in the room they blow it outer proportion and aggravate the matter. They love anarchy and enjoy when things fall apart.
Although these categories of people are bad news they actually contribute to the entire college dormitory or hostel experience. They make this phase interesting and full of stories and adventures. Everyone has a part to play and that role is quite important in the big picture. Send in your comments telling me what category you fall under. Have a wonderful week ahead and be safe.

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